Reallol is being rebuilt,

Dear Realloler and Reallorettes, as you can see we're ongoing some major work on the site right now. We were aiming to launch the new platform in 2014 but a series of personal events and hosting issues forced us to put the site down until then.

Some work has been going well, since we have your lolz at heart we have put up some basic functionalities to the site that you can enjoy as we work hard to bring you back all the goodies like the meme-maker, the rage-maker, and we also came up with new ideas to let you find even more lolz around.

The upload and the login is next on the todo list, New featured Facebook Login. Some new way to share your uploads and the new feeds system from our friends at u5eed. We also have a new born in the family coming up soon for all the rawr junkies out there.

Meanwhile, please report any bugs you might find and try to be as descriptive as possible. You can send us some pics on our facebook page and we'll make sure to post them sometime soon. If you wish to get some ads up on our site(s) for Jan 2014 it will be a pleasure to shut up and take ...(aka pay our bills with) ..your money !!!

Attache ta tuque parce qu'ons viens de déménager les serveur drete icite à coter de chez nous! Quand on vas avoir plus de bidous on vas vous faire une version QC! promesse de programmeur.. (pour ce que ca vaut) :D

Thanks et Merci!
Reallol's Team